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When Tiling The Floors…

When deciding the flooring for your homes, you are bound to have a number of different choices – be it carpet, parquet or tiles, the choices are seemingly endless. However, whilst you can consider carpets for your bedrooms and parquet for your outdoor patio or even the living room, it might make more sense to consider tiling for the areas of your home like the kitchen and the bathroom. Even amongst all the different types of tiles, you might want to consider marble for the tiles rather than ceramic or any other material. Why? Well, read on below to find out:

  • Durability – marble is a very durable material: with proper care, these tiles can even last a lifetime. It is scratch free and resistant to most other conditions, making it ideal for kitchen tiles. Since it also does not age easily, the freshness of  bathroom tiles Sydney can be retained for many years – that is, its splendour won’t easily fade away (as long as you don’t slack off on the maintenance, of course!).
  • Easy to maintain – marble tiles are very easy to maintain: since they are stainless, a simple mop up every month coupled with regular vacuuming or sweeping is good enough to keep them sparkling the whole year.
  • Allergen-free and Pathogen-free – another attractive advantage of marble is how it is a natural killer of allergens and pathogens. Natural marble does not allow bacteria or other similar pathogens to survive on its surface, making it ideal for homes with a lot of children, old people or sickly people.
  • Variety – marble nowadays is quarried in many different parts of the world, making it possible for a large variety of marble to be readily available. This, coupled with the affinity marble has for many a colourful design, renders marble one of the most elegant and exquisite materials for floorings (in fact, marble used to be the material used for flooring by ancient aristocratic families of Europe!). You can find marble in many different textures, colours and patterns nowadays – with a good enough search, you’re bound to find the ideal tile pattern for your home.

Of course, you have to nonetheless keep in mind that marble requires maintenance to retain its splendour and elegant appearance. If you slack on the maintenance, you even risk damaging the tiling, so make sure to be careful! Furthermore, marble is a heavy material, and as such, special preparations will be needed for the flooring to be able to uphold the weight of marble. Despite this, the general consensus is that when on a budget, marble is the way to go, so don’t be afraid and go pick a pattern for your floor!